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Savoy Royal Restaurant

Gastronomic food restaurant

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  • Discover the philosophy of Gastronomy of life – New reading of traditional Czech dishes.  A balanced combination the original serving and innovativecuisine that meets all standards.

Healthy eating.

Rodrigo Retamal

Dear guests of the restaurant Savoy Royal,

My name is Rodrigo Retamal, and I was born in far Chile, its capital is Santiago de Chile.

From early childhood, I was more interested in science than in gastronomy, and even entered a technical university. However, the passion for cooking, which arose suddenly, opened up for me a new, wonderful world of flavors and aromas, knowledge of cultures, new impressions and the possibility of realizing my inner self.

Today, I do not regret that I left the university and do gastronomy, because I thank for this, I found my calling. I worked all over the world: not only in Europe, but also in such distant countries as Australia, USA and Argentina. Thanks to my international experience, I was able to study the kitchen of the whole world!

It’s been 17 years since I started cooking, and today I’m proud to share with you a new stage in my life – the opening of the amazing restaurant Savoy Royal, in which I tried to incarnate my knowledge, realize all my experience.

When working on the menu my main task was to create a modern concept of light and healthy food that will keep all its useful qualities and its exclusive taste. Food that would be a delight not only for your taste, but also for your eyes!

My first menu will be dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the rise of the Czechoslovak Republic. With this step, I would like to express my respect to the Czech cuisine and tried to open it for you with a new, and even, unexpected side.

I invite you to Savoy Royal, dear friends!

See you soon!